Worth is a budgeting app that enables its users to manage and monitorize their income and spending information in real time without any unnecessary features. People need to have a better view of their expenses and to have a more personalized information of their assets because  its  time consuming to access account information. We believe that by creating an easy to use application people will have a good user experience by getting quick access to their financial information. This is a concept that i designed for a UX course i took at General Assembly.
User interview findings
In order to understand what the user goals look like, interviews were set up to understand that their pain points are and what would be the best solution for them in the application with the right features in the right places. A set of personas were defined to categorize users.

Lo-Fi prototypes
After the user research, and competitive research information was gathered Pencil lo-fi prototypes were done to define the starting point of the architecture of the application to allocate the features in the application.
After the features and architecture were sorted, clickable wireframes were designed in Figma to test the application architecture, user goals were used to test the features with users who volunteered for testing.
A logotype with a style guide is necessary as a reference to design UI components and to maintain consistency across all areas. Visual design is an important part of this application to use the right color balance, typography and over all look and feel for an optimized user experience.
Hi-fi prototypes
Using branding language for visual design and wireframes for interaction, a consistent interface design was implemented for the screens.
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