Scrum Alliance Learning Journey Illustration Style
As Scrum Alliance community grows so does its need to keep the community engaged with their offerings and part of their promise is to provide a way for their users to continue their education, the Learning Journey is a Scrum course hub that Scrum Alliance’s members can take advantage at no cost, and even accrue SEU’s (Scrum Education Units) to renew certifications, the Learning Journey provides a wide variety of courses to choose from for our 3 type of members: Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers. In order to provide an effective learning experience I created illustrations to depict the course content, and I established an illustration style that keeps consistency with the rest of the courses and Scrum Alliance’s brand.
Ricoh USA Infographics and illustrations
Through decades of global presence, Ricoh has shaped a well defined tone of voice in its brand and its necessary to apply that tone in all of the body of visual design work from web to print, and consistency is important in every design deliverable there is to work on. I had the opportunity to work with multiple design projects at Ricoh and along them was to define and design a visual language for illustrations and infographics that communicate effectively and are brand compliant as well, these infographics were used digitally in the website.
Uncommon Solutions printed insert
Uncommon solutions is an IT company that provides strategic consulting, cloud infrastructure management, migrations and many other services to their clients. As part of a migration campaign, I had the opportunity to work on a deliverable piece that consisted of a printed insert with an illustration and layout design.
D+H Financial Technologies Millennials infographic
D+H financial technologies helps borrowing companies providing the tools they need to make their borrowers comfortable by giving them access to monitor their accounts, make payments online, and usage of mobile applications to make payments. I worked on the design of an infographic that illustrates the importance of catering borrowing services to millennials, as they represent a high percentage of borrowers. I used D+H branding guide to maintain a brand consistent look and feel, using color, typography and photographic treatments.
Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Annual report
I worked with Toolbox Creative in Fort Collins as a freelancer to design an infographic for their client, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce.
Every year, the chamber of commerce distributes an annual report that provides information of their yearly facts and accomplishments. For the 2014 annual report an infographic poster was done, my role was to conceptualize and  design vector illustrations and put them together in a layout.

Lake Oswego School Foundation Infographic
The Lake Oswego School Foundation needed an infographic that illustrates the achievements and the situation that is happening in Oregon schools. I was hired by Context West in Denver to design an infographic using illustrations that are consistent with the branding guidelines, to create awareness and to attract donors to support the foundation.
Bill Hero college student expenses infographic
Bill Hero is an application to manage and pay bills in an easy and effective way, I worked with Actualize Marketing in the design of an infographic that compares expenses based on colleges in the United States, this infographic is catered to college students using football teams as a concept for the messaging and visual design.
Rat Race illustration
Illustration for self promotion postcard using character design, isometric grid, and conceptual theme based on daily life issues.
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