Postcard Tourist coffee table book
I was hired for the design of a vintage postcard coffee table book. The concept goes from the format which is landscape, and the cover with a vintage style that looks fun and makes a nice accent to have in a home, this piece was featured in Behance Editorial Design Served in 2014
Scrum Alliance event inserts
While working at Scrum Alliance i was assigned to work on two booklets that were handed to attendees at the HR congress in Nice, France in 2019.
These booklets illustrate Agile practices and how Agile transformation can be implemented in organizations. Leadership executives can learn about how Scrum Alliance bring the transformation they need for better workplaces.
I used Scrum Alliance's brand components such as color palette and Clear Sans font.
Ricoh print samples
During the time i was working at Ricoh i was assigned to work on the design for print samples to promote full color digital printers at trade show events, these are catered to print shop companies who are looking into acquire print equipment. 
Lake Oswego School Foundation Annual Report
Lake Oswego School Foundation (LOSF) is a fundraising organization that helps schools in the Lake Oswego district in order to provide a high quality education from elementary to high school. I was worked with Context West to design an annual report that outlines all of 2015 achievements done thanks to the organization and the donors who have contributed. 
Scrum Alliance Event Swag
Scrum Alliance organizes events that bring together its large community, and in order to foster a sense of belonging and loyalty swag items are included in the admission package such as stickers and t-shirts that are fun and memorable, and i worked on the design on several pieces.
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